These are just some of the testimonials we receive on a regular basis, if you have had a Crappy picture drawn and would like to give your own testimonial, stop by the “Contact” page and leave one there and we will post it!



“This is the best crap ever!”  D.R.

“Pure Genius”  C.J.

“Another masterpiece, breathtaking.” R.S.

“Its very emotional for me”   Frank Ortega

“Thank you Frank! I look gorgeous!”  D.M.

“Thanks for making me laugh when I want to cry”  N.W.B.

“Her beard is nice but I’m fond of her nostrils”  S.T.T.

“Your crappy pictures still have a touch of excellence to them!  Even at your crappiest, you’re darn good at this crap!”  P.V.A.

“I just don’t know when to put the pen down.”   Frank Ortega

“I call this drawing…’I’m sorry’ ”   Frank Ortega

“Love my Tiger Teeth Frank”    T.M.L.

“Oh Frank!  This is the crappiest picture of me ever!  You are amazing, and handsome”   .P.M.S.

“Awesome! I love this crap! I’ts the crappiest crap I’ve ever seen!  S.M.

“All I can say is, WOW did you ever draw me crappy! My image has never been rendered so crappily, thank you  Crappy! I’ve never looked so crappy!  T.S.

“Truly a piece of crap!”  R.T.

“I’m truly honored Frank”  M.F.G.

“This one really drew itself”   Frank Ortega



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